Stewart Lane Sharpless died on January 19, 2013 at the age of 86.
I dedicate this site to the work he has done for the field in astronomy and the creation of this wonder catalog.

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When I started photography of the night time sky back in the early 70’s I was interested in these faint objects in the Sharpless Catalog. Back then I was using a film called 103AE with worked well but was grainy. Switching to hyper 2415 got rid of the grain in the film was not quite a sensitive. However, with ether film, most of the objects in the catalog did not even show up.

That all changed when the CCD Camera became available and grew in popularly in the late 1990’s. The CCD Camera goes beyond the limits of what film did making it possible to capture these mysterious objects. The introduction of hydrogen-alpha filters opened the door giving me the ability to image these once uncommon objects that were difficult to shoot.

The gallery is designed to select criteria that help you find the Sharpless objects you are interesting in. I also have information on how I processed my images.

All images on my web site where taken by me using a number of different telescopes and cameras. Many images were captured in my backyard observatory but now captured at my Deep Sky Remote Observatory in Benson Arizona. Today I used ACP Scheduler to continue working on the project. The schedule I set up is designed to capture these images in the best conditions in the sky.