SH2-35 (Sharpless 35 )

This Sharpless object has a lot to offer most any kind of imaging system. Also seen in the image on the lower left is the corner of SH2-37 so a nice wide field of view can capture not only SH2-35 but SH2-37 as well. With a larger telescope there is a nice darker area with a lot of nice structure. Another interesting area for a large telescope is the ring shape area that appears to have a thin tail in the upper right area of the image. The nebula does very well with the hydrogen-alpha filter but did not pick up anything with the oxygen III. If you shoot long enough with standard RGB color filters, you can pick up the nebula, but blending the H-Alpha into the red and blue channels to create a new RGB, that tends to work out much better.

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Images by Dean Salman