SH2-29 (Sharpless 29 )

Sh2-29 is full of other catalog objects and also seen in this image is SH2-31 (in the upper right area) and SH2-32 (just to the right of SH2-31). NGC 6559 is the brighter nebula on the upper left side of the image with IC 4685 just below that in the center. This nebula complex is seen often with SH2-25 also known as Messier 8 – the Lagoon Nebula. The nebula does well with standard RGB color filters but the hydrogen alpha filter helps bring out the fainter areas. You can also use the oxygen III and sulfur II filters to create a nice narrowband color image. Sh2-29 offers much for any size telescope. The tiny bright area is a small planetary known as Minkowski 1-41

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Images by Dean Salman