SH2-273 (Cone Nebula )

Most imagers mainly aim their telescopes to the Cone Nebula, which is a small part of SH2-273. There is also a nice reflection nebula near the cone which appears to the right of it in the color image. Two of the wider field of view color images also display the Hubble Variable Nebula on the left side of the image. This nebula picks up nice detail using a Hydrogen-Alpha filter, but you will hide the refection part seen in the middle unless you process the image in such a way so as to preserve it. The nebula expands more than seen here, so if you have about a 4 degree field of view, you should get it all in a single image. However, what you see here is most of it. If you have a larger telescope and a smaller field of view, the Cone Nebula does have some nice structure

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Taken with a TAK E-180 F/2.8 and the ST-10 XME   11 hours 50 min exposure

Cone nebula: Taken with a MN 8 inch F/6 and the ST-8 XME   4 hours

Cone nebula: Taken with a 0.9 meter at Kitt Peak   3 hours

Images by Dean Salman