SH2-23 (Sharpless 23 )

This object failed to pick up ant hydrogen-alpha so I suspect this is much like SH2-24 and is some kind of molecular cloud. This image was taken with standard LRGB filters for 11 hours as it is much fainter than SH2-24. Like Sh2-24, this one may not need the use of the clear filter as a luminance, you may be better off with just a longer RGB image. However, unlike SH2-24, this one is larger although you are seeing most of the object in my image. I think a wide field fast astrograph would do nicely on this one, but the cloud structure is very faint against the background sky so plan on imaging under really dark skies. However, if your field of view is wide enough, you should be able to capture SH2-23 and SH2-24 together

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Images by Dean Salman