SH2-162 (Bubble Nebula )

One of the most common objects to image in the cool months of fall is the Bubble Nebula. This object gives imagers many choices of how to image this nebula using normal RGB filters or narrowband filters. A wide field of view will pick up a number of other Sharpless objects as well as Messier 52, seen displayed on this web site. Larger telescopes can pick up the fine structure near the main part of the Bubble Nebula. Using a hydrogen-alpha filter you can produce a very nice HA-RGB image. Taking this one step more, the sulfur II and oxygen III filters create a very nice narrowband image. The narrowband image I took uses H-Alpha for red, O III for green, and He II for blue. The arrowband image of SH2-162 was taken with a MakNewt 8 inch F/6.

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Images by Dean Salman