SH2-124 (Sharpless 124 )

This object appears to be like SH2-125 (the Cocoon Nebula) which is in the same area. However, it does not have the reflection you see around the Cocoon, so only the H-Alpha filter has the best results with this one. I tried the OIII to see if a narrowband was possible, and there just simply is no OIII in this object. The H-Alpha filter also picks up a lot of nebula around it with a wider field of view. A larger telescope may show finer structure around the brighter areas. I have not tried a clear filter, but the blue and green channels are almost non-existent in this object, so the HA filter with the RGB seems to be the best way to colorize the nebula. This image was published in Astronomy Magazine April 2008.

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Images by Dean Salman